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For the younger members of your family, this is Westminster's Shortest Catechism, set to music! "Singing the Catechism" makes a wonderful gift for Christmas! Children love to listen to music as they fall asleep, and what better message than the eternal truths embodied in the Westminster Catechism! The typical catechism class teaches children one new catechism a week, which they tend to forget when they commit next week's catechism to memory. These CDs will help your children learn the truths of the catechism by heart, for a lifetime.

Choral arrangements are available with full orchestration and choral parts which, depending upon the song, include solo, duet, and SATB. "Singing the Catechism" is also the perfect complement to any church event, and is an inspirational way to include even the youngest children in the program. Special pricing is available for choirs wishing to make copies of the song sheets.

Click on a note symbol in the Melody column on the "samples" web page to hear just the melody for a catechism question. Click under Full Score to hear the accompaniment also. Preview the song sheet as the tune plays in the background.

To order a CD with music and song sheets suitable for downloading to your computer or playing on a CD Player, click on the appropriate PayPal button below.

To order individual song sheets with choral arrangements, to make arrangements to pay by check, to request additional information, or to report problems with this website, please send email to Jean with "Singing the Catechism" in the subject line.

Order a computer data CD with MIDI and WAV files for the introductory price of $15 and we will include the song sheets on the CD in a Microsoft Word document format. Please add $2 for shipping & handling.

Order a handsome spiral-bound hard-copy of all the song sheets for Volume I (Catechism questions 1-28) for $8, plus $2 shipping and handling.

Order a CD suitable for playing in a CD player together with the spiral-bound hard-copy for the same introductory price of $15. Please add $2 for shipping & handling

Order both CDs and the spiral-bound hard-copy. You pay $30 for the complete set and we pay shipping & handling.